Somethin' for the People

I forgot how hilarious this video was in the beginning...

The two female singers (Trina and Tamara) I'll get to in a later post, but let's focus on the short-lived trio Somethin' For the People, who hit it big with "My Love is the Shhh!" They had two more singles before this - "You Want this Party Started," "Can You Feel Me" and "With You" in 1996, but a year and a sophomore album later, "Shhh!" hit #2 R&B/#4 Hot 100 and it seemed they were headed for bigger things. Unfortunately, a second single "All I Do" peaked at #15 R&B/#47 Hot 100, and their last outing "Bitch With No Man" off their third album only made it to #39 R&B. I KNOW there's a video for "Bitch With No Man" because I remember seeing it on one of those public access channels (don't laugh) back in the day! But I couldn't find it anywhere.

At the 3:05 mark at "Shhh!", I remember having debates about whether he was singing "My love is the, your love is the shiiiiiiit" without radio or TV blocking it out. It's still a mystery to this day.

What set Somethin' For the People apart was that they weren't a cookie-cutter boy band and they actually wrote and produced their own songs. But I guess their lyrics were a bit on the raw side, and maybe a bit too gimmicky for long-term success.

How to make a comeback:

I found MySpace pages for each of the members Sauce, Cat Daddy and Fuzzy (his is private), and it looks like at least two of them have stuck to producing for other artists. However, it wouldn't hurt if they got back together as a trio again!

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