Elusion was one of 4,532,108 R&B girl groups to debut in the 90s with their single "Reality," which I remember got substantial airplay on BET. What set Elusion apart was that they were two sets of identical twins -- Tamica and Tanya, Michelle and Marie -- and they were presented with futuristic looks and concepts, hence the name, a play off the word "illusion." Think LaBelle for the new generation.

In retrospect, they kind of remind you of TLC, no? Listen to the lead singer's voice, which is very T-Boz-esque.

I have this CD single and I don't even remember an album being released, but Allmusic has a listing for their debut -- and last -- outing, "Think About It." The single charted at an impressive #34 on the R&B chart and #75 on the Hot 100, so I'm wondering why they didn't go any further with a second single or album. Let's chalk it up to getting lost in the sea of girl groups.

How to make a comeback:

Two of the twins, Tamica and Tanya, have grown out their blonde locks, dyed them dark and have embraced a more alternative R&B sound as evidenced by their MySpace page. Plus, when I found this YouTube video, Tamica left a few fan-appreciation comments, which is always good to see. I wish more of you MIA artists would do the same and let us know where you are! No word on the other two twins. However, an alternative R&B route -- something "Reality" seemed to border on anyway -- seems the way to go. Good luck, ladies!


Nasty G said...
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Nasty G said...
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Nasty G said...

I have this album, and was going to post it on my blog, but then I saw Will For All already did, here:


Do a search for Elusion on there and you'll find the link.

The track Good And Plenty was co-written by Missy Elliot way back before she was famous... Gotta pull this CD out again and give it a spin...

Janai said...

I remember this video!!! Didn't like the song all that much but I remember being mesmerized by the video and tryna figure out what the hell was goin on...

FYC said...

I fell in love w/ this group from the 1st time I saw the video. The music & lyrics spoke to me & the video blew my mind away because I thought it was just a good blue screen job.

After getting my hands on the single I realized Elusion was 2 sets of twins, "genius"!. I never got the album but I would buy it right now!

From working in the music industry I realize there are a gang of politics that hinder the success of great artists & I'm sure that is why Elusion is not more familiar to music lovers everywhere.

Great blog family! And thanks for the links. I've been trying to find info on Elusion for a minute now. Good looks!